What IS Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional intelligence (also known as EQ or emotional quotient) is the ability to understand and regulate emotions in order to control stress, deal with conflict, and manage interpersonal relationships and dynamics.

EQ is helpful in creating and fostering better relationships, success in academics and career, connecting with your thoughts and feelings, understanding yourself, and engaging in behaviors that align with your intentions.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is often understood by four distinct attributes:

  1. Self-management — the ability to manage your emotions in a healthy manner
  2. Self-awareness — the ability to identify your own emotions and how those emotions influence your behaviors
  3. Social awareness — the ability to empathize and recognize emotions in others in different social situations
  4. Relationship management — the ability to manage conflict, work well with others, and use your emotions to communicate effectively

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters: The Business Case for EQ

According to the World Economic Forum “Future of Jobs Report,” Emotional Intelligence is one of the TOP 10 Skills needed for professional success in 2020 and beyond.


of top performers have high EQ


of job performance is impacted by EQ

In addition:

  • 63% of participants at a top government agency improved depth & quality of work relationships
  • 93% of participants at a non-profit health company reported improved conflict resolution skills
  • 100% of senior leaders at a Fortune 500 products company gained insights that led to bottom-line improvements
  • 57% of participants reported improvements in their ability to deal with change effectively

Global demand for EQ skills is set to increase 6 fold within the next 5 years.

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters: Other Factors

EQ is also important for:

  1. Your physical health
  2. Your mental health
  3. Your social relationships
  4. Your social intelligence
  5. Your personal development
  6. Your academic success

Dr. Airies Davis

Dr. Airies Davis is an educator, author, strategist, and coach. For over 15 years, she has reflected key diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and equality (DEIB-E) principles for such organizations as Deloitte, Merrill Lynch, Monster Worldwide, American Family Insurance, and Chicago Public Schools. Dr. Davis is the founder of WorkforcEQi LLC, solving workforce challenges utilizing emotional intelligence, mental health well-being, and mindset shifts. Her passion project is the EtiKID Academy LLC, (M/WBE), providing character and career etiquette education to underserved populations. Dr. Davis equally transposes scholar practicum as an Executive in Residence and Adjunct Professor for Dominican University, Brennan School of Business in River Forest (near Chicago), Illinois.

As a BetterUp Fellow Coach, she is renowned globally for designing Coaching Circle curriculum, presenting BetterUp live events, and facilitating customized evidence-based coaching sessions for a myriad of diverse audiences. Dr. Airies joined Professor Quinetta Roberson in a BetterUp Live session entitled: The Culture of Justice: Building Racially Inclusive Teams and Organizations to share how to develop more racially inclusive communities and organizations from the ground up. She also facilitated a BetterUp Live entitled: How to develop an inclusive mindset and book club discussion for the BetterUp coaching community featuring The Inner Work of Racial Justice: Healing Ourselves and Transforming Our Communities Through Mindfulness by Rhonda V. Magee. Her work for BetterUp continues in the codesign of the following BetterUp coaching circles and roundtables: Allyship Circle, Inclusive Hiring Circle, and Chief Diversity Officer roundtable session.

Dr. Davis is a published author of book featuring 18 women leaders. Her chapter is entitled Emotionally Intelligent Wonder Women: Behold Our SHEro Leadership Powers at Work. Her recent notables include the Egretha Education Leadership Award for African American Women's Business and Careers (AWBC) Media, an International Association of Women, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-Inspirational Influencer Award finalist, and Chicago Defender Women of Excellence awardee. She serves on several boards including the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana Gies Dean’s Business Council and National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) Executive Advisory Council.

Dr. Davis’ academic journey includes an earned education psychology doctorate from the University of Southern California, Rossier School of Education, and Gies MBA from the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana. She is a parent caregiver, aunt, and mentor to a community of loved ones.

Dr. Airies Davis

Dr. Airies Davis

WorkforcEQi LLC